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Blown Glass Donkey Ornament

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The brown Blown Glass Donkey Ornament from the The Mercantile Collection is the perfect way to trim the Christmas tree! A thoughtful, unique gift for mom, sister or best friend.

  • Size: 4.25"w x 4"h
  • Inner Pack Size: 6.7"H x9.5"W x10"D
  • Master Carton Size: 19.5"H x14"W x20.4"D
  • Materials: blown glass, resin
  • Seasonality: CHRISTMAS
  • Sentiment: Packaging sentiment: Out of all the creatures in this vast world, God chose the humble donkey to carry Mary safely to the manger where Jesus was born. This is why the fur on the donkey's back grows in the shape of a cross - to remind us God's strength is in even the smallest things.
  • Hanger Style: ribbon
Blown Glass Donkey OrnamentBlown Glass Donkey OrnamentBlown Glass Donkey Ornament